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Why is Columbus LED Landscape Lighting Such a Popular Choice?

Today’s outdoor lighting projects for residential applications are rapidly moving to LED technology and particularly a technique called up lighting. As more consumers choose LED technology for their landscape lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus is on the leading edge of this trend. The reasons for incorporating LED designs are twofold, energy savings and bulb life.

A low voltage lighting design using LED consumes 75% less energy than traditional halogen fixtures. LED is also safer for the environment; it reduces Co2 emissions, is recyclable and contains no mercury. Secondly the bulb life is 10 times that of halogen. Typical halogen bulbs have a 4000 hr. life. LED outdoor bulbs have a 50,000 hr lifetime! That fact alone reduces your maintenance cost by not having to purchase and change bulbs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus uses the most reliable product on the market, the Cree LED, assembled in the United States for all our LED installations.

If you already have an existing landscape lighting system, don’t feel you can’t GO GREEN. Most existing fixtures can be “retro-fitted” with LED bulbs with no costly changes. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus strives to offer the latest technology available to all our customers. We go out of our way to ensure that we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Our top-of-the-line outdoor LED lighting fixtures can provide your home with the same warm, subtle illumination of halogen bulbs but with a much longer lifespan and reduced energy usage.

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